Pricing Plans

by 3 Mini Monsters

Our available packages to choose from


Single Landing Page

RM1,000 / US$ 250

To collect leads or convert them to sales.

Suitable for marketer or business owner to sell or promote their products / services / portfolio.


Business Website (Basic)

RM2,000 / US$ 500

To convert your website visitors into subscribers  or customers.

Suitable for small business owner or NGO or freelancer to showcase their business and contact information. 


Business Website (Advanced)

RM4,000 / US$ 1,000

To integrate your website with sales and marketing tools and brand story.

Suitable for corporation or organisation to showcase their main business and brand story. 


E-Commerce / Online Store

RM8,000 / US$ 2,000

To sell your products / services to all people around the world.

Suitable for all business owners who are interested to sell online.


Web App (Web Application)

from RM20,000 / US$ 5,000

To build a custom web application that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.



Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)

from RM40,000 / US$ 10,000

To build a custom mobile application that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.



Tech Consultant / Tech Partner


Custom Solution

Would you like to grow your business through digital transformation and tech?

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3 Mini Monsters Website Design Packs

Website Design

A great website provides clear paths for navigation within web pages and puts the most important elements of a website front and center.

3 Mini Monsters eCommerce Packs


Make shopping easy for your customer and they will reward you by purchasing products from you.

3 Mini Monsters Mobile Apps Packs

Mobile Apps

A mobile application can help businesses find multiple growth opportunities and generate higher revenues.

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