Attract More Guests: Crafted Websites to Make Your Property Shine

Elevate Your Hotel / Homestay / Campsite Brand with Your Own Website

I Want to Have a New Website

For my hotel / homestay / tourist attraction 


In the world we live in today, a lot of people look for places to stay and cool things to do on the internet.

Your own website can help your hotel / homestay / tourist attraction grow and do well in many ways.

Here are 3 important reasons why having a website can help you:

Website for Campsite, Homestay and Travel b y 3 Mini Monsters

1. Good First Impression with Your Campsite / Hotel / Homestay

When you have a website, it’s like putting up a big sign online that says, “Hey, come check out our hotel or campsite or homestay!”

You can use pictures, videos, and words to make people really see what it’s like to stay at your place.

It’s like showing them a movie of all the cool stuff they can do and helping them picture themselves having a great time there.


2. Competitive Advantages

If other campsites or homestays have websites and you don’t, it might not be so good for you. Having a nice website can make your campsite/homestay look special and better than the others.

Using your own brand website as a showcase for your uniqueness and specialties:

Website for Campsite, Homestay and Travel b y 3 Mini Monsters
Website for Campsite, Homestay and Travel by 3 Mini Monsters

3. FAQ-First Website, Time Saver

Streamline customer inquiries and save time with our FAQ-first website, designed to provide quick answers and enhance your efficiency.

With packages, photo galleries and testimonials uploaded once to website, all your potential customers can browse through the info before contact you for booking only.

Are You Facing ONE of These Problems?

Challenging Customer Acquisition

Struggle to attract new students and parents.

Complicated Booking Process

Using WhatsApp, Facebook PM, Manual Bank Transfer and so on is a mess.

Endless WhatsApp Sharing

Repetitive information-sharing through WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked User Queries

Dealing with recurring user questions and concerns.

Ineffective Advertising Efforts

Invest in ads but see minimal results.

Neglected Website Management

No one to oversee and maintain your website.

Why Choose Us

3 Mini Monsters

Fast & Responsive

You choose a website design, provide us all the content, we will build and launch it within 72 hours.

Affordable & Reliable

Our mission is to provide and build a great website for all the business especially the SME and gig workers.

Are You Running ONE of These Business?



Glamping Spot

Campervan Park



Unique Homestay 

Hotel / Resort

Tourist Attraction

Tourist Spots

Museum / Park

Landmarks / Gallery

YOU Choose a Design

WE Build and Launch

I Want to Have a New Website

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