Tech Consultation Packs

by 3 Mini Monsters

“Developing ‘something cool’ is no longer enough to build a sustainable business.

You may need a "Tech Consultant" if you want to:

“create product roadmap deliver meaningful consumer engagements”

“use lean canvas to understand the problem and your uniqueness”

digital transform your business and workflow”

How We Can Help You?


Ideas Generation and Validation

Ideas come from brainstorming and discussion.

How to pick a meaningful brand name to start with ?

How to setup a team for the project? And how to manage the project using software and tools?

We will help you on this.


MVP Prototype Testing
Proven Concept
Before Launch

With minimum cost and time, we may guide you how to develop a prototype, a.k.a MVP.

We can have a close beta testing with a group of people to gather feedback and improve to become a better product when launching.


On-Demand Tech Advisor

Need some advice or ideas about technology, branding and product development, then we can help you on that.

Let’s talk 🙂

Would you like to grow your business with technology and online channels ?

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