Web App Packs

by 3 Mini Monsters

Web applications power today’s businesses. 

A web application (web app) is...

“a software or program which is accessible using any web browser.” 

Why Web Application?


Cloud-hosted Easy to Maintain

Web applications are easier to maintain as they use the same source code in the entire application. There are no compatibility issues.

New updates can be released any time and in any form.


Smaller + Faster

User can use web app without any installation or worry about compatibility issue.

They just signup and start buying your products or creating new posts directly.


Affordable Development Cost

If you have a idea of an app, you may start with web app before investing a lot into mobile apps development which is usually 2x or 5x of web app development cost.

Wanna give it a try? Let’s talk 🙂

Would you like to turn your idea into a product via web application?

WHY You Need A Web App?

“If you have an app idea, that’s just an idea. 

You need a prototype or we called it “Minimum Viable Product”, a.k.a MVP which can help you to validate your idea in the market with minimum development cost and time.”

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