We help grow your business through technology and online channels

By telling us your ideas and pain points, we can build a solution for your problem.

What We Do

Landing Page

The best way to improve your conversion rates and turn website visitors into subscribers and customers.

Website Design

A great website provides clear paths for navigation within web pages and puts the most important elements of a website front and center.


Make shopping easy for your customer and they will reward you by purchasing products from you.

Web App

Web applications power today’s businesses. From productivity software to workflow management and sales tools, web apps let us get work done quickly and efficiently.

Mobile Apps

Every business aims to increase their audience base, brand popularity, sales generation. A mobile application can achieve all these and helps businesses find multiple growth opportunities and more customers.

Tech Consultation

“Developing ‘something cool’ is no longer enough to build a sustainable business. I can help you to create product roadmaps that deliver meaningful consumer engagements and increase your brand value.

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Who We Serve

Would you like to digitalise and grow your business?

Our Work

Website Package for Your Business

Website for Preschool Learning Centre by 3 Mini Monsters
Preschool / Learning Centre / School
Website for Campsite, Homestay and Travel by 3 Mini Monsters
Campsite / Homestay / Travel

What We Share

WordPress Simple Guide - Step by Step Tutorial 2022 by 3 Mini Monsters

WordPress Simple Guide - Step by Step Tutorial

I made this WordPress simple guide in the hope that can help more users to build their website on their own in order to grow their business and brand.

3minimonsters how to choose-free crm hubspot and zoho

How to Choose Free CRM: HubSpot and Zoho

There are 2 major player for Free CRM software – HubSpot and Zoho. Both have free plan and paid plans, and last time i checked both have API access for developers.

How to Clear Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Preview Cache

How to Clear FB, Twitter, LinkedIn Preview Cache

Shared your website link on Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn but the preview showed an outdated preview image, title or description? Today, i will share a way to solve the problem

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