WordPress Simple Guide (Part 2: Personalise)

WordPress Simple Guide - Step by Step Tutorial 2022 by 3 Mini Monsters

I made this WordPress simple guide in the hope that can help more users to build their website on their own in order to grow their business and brand.

If you are not planning to do it yourself, you may contact us for your website design and development.

Here is an overview from start to finish of all the steps we’ll walk you through in this part 2 of tutorial:

  • How to customize your WordPress (from logo to header and footer)
  • White label your WordPress login page, dashboard and admin layout
Let’s get started. Do remember you do not need to be a web developer or programmer to be able following this tutorial as I’m making this as simple as your child can learn too, cheers!

Topic 6:

Customise Your Website Identity and Layout

In WordPress Admin, do go to ‘Appearance’ > ‘Customize’.

From there, we will start with “Site Identity”

WordPress Appearance Customize Page by 3 Mini Monsters
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